Are you too tired to even try?

Too Tired

There have been days when you felt completely lost. You were not able to get out of your bed or it took some extra effort. Every smile, every laughter was forced and you were just moving around for the sake of it. These days were the hardest of your life, and they still are. 

Days where you cannot decide what to do with yourself and your never-ending pain created by your thoughts. No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t seem enough. You are not able to stay consistent with anything and all you want to do is give up. 

Tired Woman

You ask yourself, 

“Why am I doing this?”

“What is the purpose of this all?”

“No one really cares anyway!”

“I should just give up and let time take its course.”

So, what should be done? Should you just not try?

Let me remind you something, there were days when you felt on top of the world, days when you felt lucky to be alive, days that you felt should never end, days when you were the happiest and you really believed that time should stop. 

What was happening at this time? 

Why is there a drastic difference between these two outlooks? 

We need to understand what role your environment plays. Whatever you feel and whatever is around you, it affects you. But what is more important than that? What is the key to happiness and consistency that some people possess and some don’t? 

It is your perception

Too Tired

Your ideology of seeing the world around you and how you perceive things helps you to adjust and accommodate your surroundings accordingly. There is nothing wrong fundamentally to have a viewpoint that focuses on the adversities, but you need to understand and realise when to stop. 

Why are there some people who find something to be grateful about even when there is almost nothing and some people who may have everything, every opportunity laid bare at their feet and yet they can only focus on unhappiness?

You may outrun your surroundings but you cannot outrun yourself. Where you go, no matter where you seek peace, your mind and brain will be there with you. The change has to begin with you, within you. Every thought that makes you feel worthless, useless and unlovable needs to be scrutinized. You need to find the root of your negative thought. 

When was the time you stopped believing in yourself?

When was the time you thought you were not worth it? 

Every degenerative thought that you have had about yourself, in a way changed your brain chemistry. You have trained your brain over the years to just focus on the negatives of life and when there is nothing out of sorts, your brain creates it. 

The issue is not that you are hampering your growth and your peace of mind, but rather your brain is creating problems for you to solve so that you falsely believe that you are in control when you are not.

Maya Angelou once said,

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Working on yourself, shifting your rigid belief patterns and going through pain to heal is just like that. You have to look yourself in the mirror and find those misconceptions. Because once found, you can work on them. Change these beliefs that have taken root in your mind and corrupted you from the inside.

Do better. 


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