The Brain and The Mind 

The Brain and The Mind

Spiritual leaders confirm that the seat of the soul; of the consciousness: the mind rests between the eyebrows. Just behind the mind, is an organ encased in the skull called the brain. The brain is an organ with building elements which look like electrical wires. These neurons run down the spine. This is the Central Nervous System or the CNS. Any action of any sort occurs through the working of this system.

Then what is the mind?

We still do not know. We do not know what created the mind or why we have it. But we know that because of the mind we have consciousness, we have a personality, and conscience.

Together, The mind and the brain work to function in the human world. The brain does the work and the mind instructs. The mind tells the brain what is wrong and what is right. Addiction and micro-addictions are what occur in the brain. They are taught to the brain by the mind. But by the time the mind understands that these habits are actually harming rather than helping, the brain is already in overdrive. The habit has become a physical disease in the brain. Now the mind cannot control the brain. The brain is much more powerful than the mind.

A Horse is Powerful But with Skills and Knowledge it can be Tamed.

This Horse in us, This animal brain, has to be corrected by the use of skills. These skills are specific, not vague. Each skill has steps that need to be followed. Mind becomes the trainer of the Brain. And slowly, Mind learns how to use the brain for its own use. However, there is a constant struggle between mind and brain- It doesn’t end.

What we need to really understand however is a bit more complicated. The mind doesn’t just come out of nowhere. The brain created the mind. The brain gives birth to the mind. The mind is the brain’s child. When the brain is ill, the mind is ill. Thus, the patient of the brain needs to surrender the reigns of life that the mind holds. These reigns have to be given to a higher power. While the higher power is taking care of the body in the world, the mind begins to learn the skills through the higher power. Slowly the mind becomes capable of taking care of the reins for a brief period of time. With a constant staying in touch with the higher power, the mind can ride the brain. The mind tames the brain. That’s called recovery.

It is understood that this biographical theory of the brain and the mind is much more complicated. But these can be done by therapists and psychiatrists. They will take proper care of your brain and mind meeting all the requirements of their needs. Remold their journey from addiction to recovery with their therapy sessions.

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