Marital Conflicts

Marital Therapy

Many a time building and maintaining healthy relationships can become difficult especially when a disease like addiction comes into the picture. The relationship may become strained over the years, thinning spread as time passes by and addiction on the other hand may add fuel to the burning fire. 

In a general sense, Marital therapy is offered under various circumstances and it consists of two basic types;

  1. Pre-Martial Counseling: As the name suggests Pre-Marital Counseling is for couples who have not yet become a part of the wedlock but are planning to be. A therapist provides a safe space to hear out the views and ideologies of the parties involved and aids the clients in understanding their compatibility, attitudes, and beliefs.
  2. Post-Marital Counseling: Post-Martial Counseling is meant to be for any kind of couple despite the time they have been together. Married couples have been through a journey that is varying in nature and may have their inclinations and incompatibilities. The concerned counselor in each case derives information and then formulate a further plan accordingly. 

Who can benefit from Marital Therapy?

Marital therapy is for those who are willing and want to make changes in their relationship. Couples, therefore, undergoing any kind of stress or other altering situations can benefit from this type of therapy. These situations may revolve around;

  • Substance abuse or Alcohol abuse
  • Spouse/ loved one undergoing chronic illness
  • Trouble communicating with each other
  • Incapacitated in feeling intimacy
  • Issues because of cultural differences
  • Separation and divorce
  • Coitus related issues 
  • Conflicts because of extended family
  • Infidelity 
  • Discord related to parenting styles
  • Difficulties in decision making
  • Management of anger

What advantages does marital therapy offer?

A healthy relationship can help you move forward in all other aspects of your life. Through marital therapy, relations that have become sour can be rejuvenated. Some of the known gains of this type of therapy are;

  1. Increased ability to show transparency to each other
  2. Better communication skills and the capacity to understand each other’s perspective
  3. Ability to maintain healthy boundaries
  4. Individualized growth
  5. Collective decision making 

Marital Therapy at The Hermitage Rehab

Dr. JPS Bhatia for the past 33 years has been in the service of rehabilitating patients and their families. Through his expertise, he has aided numerous couples in enhancing their relationship affected by addiction and other ailments of daily life. 

His team of mental health professionals offers various psychotherapies such as Cognitive behavioral therapy, Emotionally focused therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Insight gaining therapy, and much more which have been proven to provide outstanding results. 

A life partner is the most essential aspect of one’s life with whose presence many battles can be won. Sometimes life may take a toll on this relationship but it is never too late to seek help.