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Are you too involved with your cell phone?

Addiction to cell phones is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is one of the fastest-growing addictions that we have ever seen. It includes internet addiction, screen addiction, game addiction, porn addiction, etc.
Technology can be very helpful in providing information, efficiencies, and providing enjoyment. But overuse and addiction to technology can cause serious issues to your relationships, your job, and your health, you might feel that you can “quit anytime”, but the truth is the “rush” you experience from technology produces the same chemical reaction in your brain that simulates like heroin produce.
Dopamine, the pleasure chemical, is released when we have a pleasurable experience and the body begins to give that situation. If we cause that release in excess overtime- Via prolonged heroin use, or prolonged technology use- our body becomes conditioned to that and will reduce its natural production of dopamine because it is being substituted by the unnatural production stimulated by the external sources.

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    Screen and Phone Addiction Treatment - The Hermitage Rehab

    Fortunately, recovery is possible within the week. The right care and help of the team of trained counsellors and therapists, who help create a treatment plan exclusively personalized to your needs. With collective methods of CBT, NPL, and mindfulness, we provide you with the structure to lead a healthy lifestyle free from screen addiction. We provide phone addiction treatment in Amritsar Punjab and Jammu.

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