Depression is not a place where either you are or you are not. Depression is a range of powerful emotion which goes from normal and usual sadness to clinical depression( one is diagnosed as depressed clinically). Depression is natural to life. This is so because we are mortal and temporary beings; our lives are divided into phases; we gain friends and lose them; marry; have children; get retired; people around us begin to pass on to the next world. We learn to give some space to sadness.

However, Sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we can’t let go and move on. We can’t see hope. We are negative all the time. Sometimes we not only hold onto loving relations but also the bad ones. We develop hate relationships that we hate losing because we want to continue hating them. This is a very troublesome affair because this doesn’t help in treatment of addiction at all. The person would turn to substance just to replace that hateful emotion that the person caused.

Sometimes we hate ourselves because we think we are in the wrong. We are brainwashed into thinking we have done something wrong because someone we don’t like is blaming it on us. Families feel this when they bring their patient for treatment. The patient keeps on blaming the family for doing this to him and keeping substance away from him.

Depression is a state where the individual is judging themselves, hating themselves, feeling guilty and punishing themselves. They get impulses and they attempt acts of self harm, or can hurt others. This happens because they are confused as to what to blame. And only the disease is to blame but they don’t understand that. There is always something that they hate and they remain fixated on that and do not process their emotions with it but avoid it.

Depression is a progressive disease. It can even happen after the smallest loss: perhaps, one’s body cannot handle even that. Thus, we should stay attentive to our emotional life and take care of it. Learn to Respond Not to React!!. Control your emotions.

How to Cope Up with Depression?

It is recommended to visit any psychiatrist to cope up with your mental health. This situation is hard to tackle but a proper guidance can help you out. First of all, the diagnosis is needed for recovery. At what stage the level of depression is existing and the neurologists have proper treatment criteria for that. Recovery is possible at every stage. Positive thinking and right guidance could lead you miles farway towards success.

Depression recoveryThe Hermitage Rehab has its team dedicated specially to deal with Depression, Stress and Anxiety. With the advancements and the social behaviors of the society at present times, people get trapped easily into depression and other mental disorders. Considering the modern perspectives and lifestyle of humans, Psychologists at the best deaddiction centre in Punjab always recommend all patients to exercise and meditate regularly.

It’s not easy to get solutions for such mental problems but drug detox centers in Punjab have specialized teams of professional psychiatrists and doctors who work efficiently on individual patients, listen to them and suggest the best ever treatment for their mental health issues. Keeping mental health good enough will give you positive encouragement to get success over anything. Whenever anyone is dealing with mental health issues, they must consult the best Psychologists for treatment.

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