It has been seen in families with patients of addiction that they develop relationships that are tiresome and extremely demanding. These relationships lack basic healthy boundaries and indulge in over-dependence on each other. The balance between the relationship is topsy-turvy making it difficult to sustain in a salubrious manner. Such relationships are referred to as being Co-dependent.

Co-dependency often takes free will out of the picture. In such a scenario, the patient becomes “the Taker” in the relationship, and parents, spouse or any other loved one becomes “the Giver”.

What are some basic features of a co-dependent relationship?

  1. These relationships are majorly one-sided wherein “the giver” becomes a highly functional and constant provider of care in all senses.
  2. Continuously worrying and checking upon the patient and unable to take out time for yourself- to do things that you enjoy.
  3. Prioritizing your patient over everything and placing them on a pedestal even when they have not earned it.
  4. Neglecting one’s own needs and wants to fulfill the needs and wants of your loved one (patient).
  5. Difficulty in saying no and being assertive when you need to, leading you to situations where you do tasks that seem uncomfortable.
    Inability to seek help even when there is a dire need.

What are the effects of co-dependency?

he relationships are generally based on mutual welfare. But relationships affected by co-dependency are difficult to be in and become resentful over the years, this however is exceedingly confusing in nature. One is unable to stay in the relation because of its toxicity and strains but on the other hand one is unable to leave the relationship as well because of unresolved fears and low self-esteem.

The giver and the taker, are entrapped in a vicious cycle of enabling and provoking that may seem never-ending. This love-hate relationship not only affects you psychologically but physiologically and socially as well. The stress bound to this association may become taxing and strenuous, making you feel trapped and suffocated. 

Managing Co-dependency at The Hermitage Rehab

Dr. JPS Bhatia from last three decades have been dealing with families burdened under co-dependent relations, unable to make right decisions for themselves and their patients. 

Under his wing, after thorough research, study and practical experience we curated a customized plan for the patients being admitted to The Hermitage Rehab with distinct attention and separate training program for the families to help them deal with their underlying issues that have generated co-dependency in their relationships.