How To Effectively Communicate?

What is effective communication?

We all know that exchanging information is communication but are we effective at it? While communicating with your loved one, spouse, children, or colleague it is essential to come to a stage where a two-way communication happens and both parties feel heard and understood. Often that is not the case. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and inability to understand verbal and non-verbal cues pose a hindrance and may in turn negatively impact the relationship.

Hence, effective communication is a skill that can be learned and practiced over the years to build healthier and stronger relationships.

What is stopping you from communicating effectively?

Sometimes when we do not pay attention, learned ideologies and practices come in the way of talking effectively. Some of these we have learned over the years and have not paid enough attention to how and why they have been affecting us and our relationships.

  1. You are unable to make the other person feel heard.
  2. You are not able to honestly share what you are truly feeling.
  3. You mean one thing but your body language says another.
  4. Your non-verbal cues are unwelcoming.
  5. You are unable to keep your emotions in check while letting it affect your conversation.

How can you effectively communicate?

For communicating effectively certain skill sets can be learned that can further enhance your competence.

  1. Be present in the moment: Lack of communication often stems from being lost somewhere and not actively engaging in the conversation. To have more fulfilling conversations, it is essential to practice mindfulness. It will not only make the other person feel heard and seen but also impact the way you relate to each other.
  2. Understand what you want to say: Sometimes we are unclear about what we wish to say. It is better to understand the message you wish to convey first than regret it later. Be clear with your words and assertive in your manner.
  3. Body language: Confusing body language can confuse the message. For instance, if you wish to say “No” do not agree with your body language; by shaking your head. Your message and your body language must co-ordinate together to bring about effective communication.
  4. Listen more: The best way to communicate effectively is to listen more to what the other person has to say. While listening, we care to learn a lot many things and have higher chances of confidently responding. Active listening can drastically bring a progressive change in your skills.

Effective communication is a necessary skill and an art and the more it is practiced the higher chances there are to master it. It is a key to unlock many doors and opportunities as well as to maintain healthier relationships. Therefore, upgrading it every once in a while and daily monitoring the way you speak with yourself as well as those around you can easily let you know where the most work needs to be done and what changes are required.

A trained professional can guide you better with your communication skills and how to express what you truly wish to say without affecting or damaging your relationships

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