Group Counseling

What is Group Counseling?

Group counseling or group therapy is a form of psychological treatment where individuals come together to form a group and the interaction between the same is guided by one or more trained therapists. The communication between the members of the group helps them to work on their issues and is a part of the treatment, with numerous sources of feedback and ideas providing the chance to learn to connect with others in new ways and change how they deal with their problems.

Group counseling gives people the care and support that they need from not only a counselor but a group of people who are going through some of the same conflicts. The other members of the group often serve as models if they have overcome some aspects of the treatment. But such a form of treatment will often depend on the client’s diagnosis. 

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What to expect in Group Counseling?

Generally, a group counseling session would last for about 45-60 minutes where the members of the group are provided with a safe and secure environment and where the approach is often altruistic.

Throughout the session, either one or more psychologists will participate in the group depending upon its size and provide an opportunity for each of its members to socialize openly with others about the matters they are dealing with for which they are provided with feedback and other patients may as well share some management tools that helped them to deal with their respective issues.

While in the group it is likely that the clients will be satisfied with the way that they can speak openly about their insecurities or worries, however, the client is in control of how much they expose to the group. A group setting is neither forceful nor aggressive in making clients speak about issues that they aren’t comfortable with.

What are the benefits of Group Counseling?

Group counseling is one of the most cost-effective treatments and some of its basic benefits are:

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Who can profit from Group Counseling?

Now you can avail the services of group counseling by our trained psychologists for:

The Hermitage Rehab offers extensive and comprehensive group counseling services keeping in mind the exact nature of each and every client’s diagnosis and formulating the structure of the groups accordingly.