Two Voices in the Head

Two Voices in the Head
I am talking about a healthy voice that promotes health and an unhealthy voice that promotes disease. From morning to night, as we do our work for the day, there are always two voices competing to be the one which influences our action. One voice makes us work hard and honestly while the other one wants us to use shortcuts and cheat. One voice tells us to eat in proportion while the other tells us to be greedy. one tells us to be lazy, one tells us to be active. One tells us to spend extra money and one tells us to save money.

Why is it important to distinguish between these two voices?

Because, our actions have all the effect on our mental and physical health. If we listen to the good voice, we will have good health and if we listen to the evil voice, our health will suffer.

So, How do we choose?

One might think that to choose the good voice, we have to beat the evil voice but that is very wrong. The evil voice is the voice of the animal brain, which is much stronger than the good voice which is the mind or the human brain. Whenever the mind tries to overpower the brain, it fails. That is why willpower doesn’t work. But where will doesn’t work, skill works. There is a fail proof skill to choose the good voice and that is the 4 point formula:
  1. Identify the voice as the evil voice
  2. Remember that it is not a helping voice coming from you
  3. Do something else while this voice is telling you to do something
  4. Check if the voice is still there, if it is still there do something else again and if the voice goes, pat yourself on the shoulder for beating the evil voice.

Thus, As we get better at this skill, we’ll get better at our recovery.

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