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Our brain is a blank slate, with a lot of information already written and stored. It is due to this information that it functions the way it does. It collects this information from our senses, which go through the invisible mind. Thus, our brain learns nothing that we don’t teach our mind.

The Brain Doesn’t Have Consciousness

It doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong, to be specific. It doesn’t understand what it can do and not do in the world. The mind is there to teach it that.

Just like the brain cannot function without a mind, a mind cannot be formed without a body with a healthy brain in it. The brain is, after all, the power source.

Thus, with this information we have learnt that the mind and brain need to work in tandem (smoothly) for a human to function properly.

Now, From here I shall specifically talk about negativity as an addiction; however, the same applies to other addictions as well…just in different ways.

The Most Widespread Addiction in the world is thought addiction (negative thought)

It is also called compulsive thinking. That means we automatically, even if we don’t wish to, start thinking and cannot stop. This has haunted everyone of us almost to some degree and we are fed up.

Our brain has learnt this behavior, through our mind. from our surroundings, environment, home. If we put wrong information, a virus enters our mind and our software becomes malware and creates problems in hardware.

The mind then doesn’t learn tools that help to deal with these viruses that have been destroying our life

In compulsive thinking, the thought comes from the brain, since it has learnt it from previous experience and it has become addicted, the brain however thinks, not about the solution, but the problem over and over. The brain cannot stop this automatic thinking that it has learnt from his mind. And the brain wants more because the mind is still focussed on the problem.

Thus, The rehab program, aims at focussing on the solution rather than the problem, so that the mind teaches the brain the solution. It is our own fault it happened, but now it is also our own responsibility to correct it. However, all be yourself, we don’t have skills to overcome

One of the worst outcomes of this illness is suspiciousness and paranoia. They fear their own parents and family. Everyone who tries to help is shunned by them.

Thus, the Recovery Program aims at teaching the skills to battle compulsive and negative thinking. We have an illness, it is not just a ‘habit’.


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