What Role Do Failures Have in Life?

As humans, we have created a world filled with possibilities and hope and yet we are scared of imperfections and failures.

At every turn of life, it seems to us that failing is not an option and if we do fail, it is going to be the end of our world. Isn’t this all a bit dramatic?

Cinematography, literature, drama and art throughout countries in multiple languages have portrayed the importance of winning at life, at being perfect at everything you do. But some have also conjured hope in the hearts of those who have failed at life and emphasized the importance of trying rather than winning.

Role of Failures

If we talk about why and how we feel so miserable when we do not meet expected results, the answer is quite simple; 


From a very young age, it is inculcated in our beliefs that achieving the highest is of most importance. These small acts sometimes are not even noticed by families. A simple comparison of your child’s academic performance with his class fellows or his ability to perform well in sports or his smallest of habits like tidying up his room are capable enough to form strong beliefs which later on in life become rigid and end up causing more trouble than they were ever worth of.

These belief systems become like a second skin, making us feel as if everything we have done or achieved, needs to be of optimal level or else its worth is not justified.

What we fail to see and understand is, that life is full of experiences, the weather you didn’t enjoy because you had to do household chores, the time missed playing with children was used to do extra hours for the shift or the holiday planned was cancelled because another one could be taken next year are all missed opportunities.

Opportunities that would have made your life and that of your family wholesome, opportunities that would have made you feel alive from the inside. But sadly, the misconception regarding the opportunities of life has been authenticated by just the career and professional front and that too solely is focused upon winning rather than enjoying and living.

Failure is a part of life

We do agree that teaching is significant and instilling keystone habits in yourself and your home environment is crucial. But how you do it will define the course of the next turning events.

Failures are a part of life

You can try all you want, but life does not offer 100% success. What it will offer instead is smiles, warm feelings and rainbows to make you feel vigorously functioning from the inside. Everything you fail at will be added to all the experiences that you gathered, to the chances you took and to the teachings you learned. It will seem that all is lost, but if, only if even for a fraction of a second, you try to see through the cracks, you will see life blooming at its best. 


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