Pricess Gift

If Addiction breaks a family, creates unrest, conflicts,  disharmony and endless moments of pain in the family Recovery brings bounties and gifts to the family.

Addiction has been defined as a family disease,which at the same time implies that after treatment, the same family can also enjoy the fruits of recovery. Yes, that is a gift of Recovery.When a family sits under one roof, on the same platform and shares their acceptance of the disease, share with the world how they learnt about the treatment and the skills of Recovery, how the caregivers and the patient sit beside each other and hold respect and care for the other. This is called the reward of recovery, a family with love and togetherness.

What could be more  relieving than a wife,when she shares that she understands that it is not her husband  ,but it is the disease with its traumatic symptoms and she does not get panic and scared anymore and manages the episode with calmness,like a caretaker. It is the same wife, who during the moments of her husband’s illness, had felt traumatised, helpless and hopeless. It is a single faith that comes to the mind “Lets Us Not Let the Disease Win”

RecoveryYes, that is the beautiful gift of recovery for a wife.What could be more warmer than the love, empathy, care and concern exhibited by a daughter for her father in recovery, when she expresses, “I brought food for my father in the hospital, and I felt so happy,when he hugged me.” Could something else ever be so precious and fulfilling than these words?,especially when that father had pushed the same daughter, during the moments of illness. That is the beautiful gift of recovery for the daughter.

What could be more secure than a son, sitting comfortably with a never ending smile on his face, beside his father ,in recovery  ,when the father during his addiction days ,had scared him away with his anger and aggression and the son had run away to hide behind the door. This is the gift of recovery for a son.

God's GraceWhat could be more hopeful and promising for a patient, an addict, when his family is sitting beside him with a Graceful.acceptance and respect and ‘holds his back’ against the society which belittles him at every step,everyday. He is the same patient ,who had given up all hope to live  and  moreover  with respect,after all the shame,pain, guilt and endless losses accumulated during the journey of illness,his Bio-Psycho-Social losses. That is the gift of recovery a patient, an addict receives.

Recovery is no less than a blessing for a family,who had lived a living hell,tormented by the evil and merciless disease of addiction.

Health is Wealth and Good Mental Health will be a priceless gift which is achieved after recovery. The best de addiction center in Punjab which has the highest success rate of recovery can be a ray of light for all those who need help. Consult the de addiction center and get counseling for the patient. The team of professional therapists and Psychiatrists will help you out with the right guidance. 

Achieving successful recovery is like a priceless gift for the family members, the addictive person and the doctors or specialists as well. Their efforts and hard work is getting pricing over successful recoveries. Choose one that really cares about the patient and helps them desperately to recover on their top priority. 


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