Lets Us Not Let the Disease Win!!


Addiction plays vicious stakes, once it takes over a person and his family…and then begins the play, where both patient and the family are pit against each other… but both lose to the game of Addiction.

Why We Don’t Let The Disease Win?

The disease of Addiction envelopes the family with fear, trauma, bitterness, resentments, misunderstandings and in nutshell, builds walls between relationships. It also brings the character defects, mood dysregulation and emotional imbalance not only in the patient but also in the family. Therefore over the period of time, our brain learns such behaviours and the moment one says something which can hurt the other, the unconscious brings the past learnt reactions. An emotional earthquake occurs. In fact when this happens, the reaction is far more dangerous than the Hurt itself. A disaster takes place, triggered by the animal brain.

Drugs Abuse CycleNot denying the fact that both the patient and the family love each other, they still get trapped in the maze of reacting and regretting: provoking and enabling. Both feed the disease of addiction.



First of all, one needs to diagnose the disease. So it is recommended to visit the best de addiction centre in punjab where one can get to know the actual level of the trauma caused by addiction on particular things. 

The strategy to win lies in learning the skills, the skills of responding and being proactive. Once again the Brain needs to learn the skills of healthy communication, empathetic expression, where we respect each other’s boundaries, we respect the other. We accept each other and try to understand each other ‘s capacities. We need to rekindle the lost love, connection and trust. 

Here is how the psychologists and doctors at the drug detox centre in Punjab will help the patients to get early recovery over their addiction. But skills need to be practised, so that the conscious mind learns from the practice of these healthy skills.And we will see that once we accept, learn and start practising, the disease, the animal brain starts losing its power and we stop losing to it.

Yes! Let us not let it win.


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