World Mental Health Day

What comes to your mind when you hear someone talking about mental health? 

Do you also feel that it is crucial or do you let the subject pass by? 

If you fall in either of the categories, let us tell you, that this article is just right for you. 

Mental health, also referred to as psychological well-being, is extremely important for our overall health and comforted lifestyle. Yet it is not emphasized or talked about enough. 

We, as humans, place our physical health on a pedestal and often push our body to its limit. We also go on and on about how important it is to eat right, to take care of our physiological ailments at times, to exercise and keep our body fit and in shape. But sadly, we forget to include our mind’s health in all of this. 

We do agree that in our culture it is a prerogative to take care of our body. Nonetheless, it is our mind that governs our functioning and is ascendant, which needs to be accepted and worked upon.

Mind Over Matter

If we ask you, that you are feeling sad and anxious and are facing trouble sleeping at night, would you be able to perform at your work?

Or that you get aggressive at small things easily, would your relationships get affected? 

In both these scenarios, it is your mind that is incapacitated followed by your feelings that in turn affect your behaviour and change the situation into a drastic one. 

Once, we start looking around us and within ourselves, we would start understanding that it is our mind that directly co-relates to our behaviour and affects every little thing we do. Alas, we usually shove down our feelings, bury them deep inside and let them rot there while our mental health takes a toll and we end up losing more than we ever signed up for. 

World Mental Health Theme for 2023

“Mental Health is a Universal Right”

Coming from a culture where mental health is stigmatised and talking about it makes you discriminated against and labelled as “weak” becomes quite a task to advocate the concept of universal rights and make people understand that they are allowed to talk about whatever is happening inside them without a fear in the world. 

Talking about your emotions and seeking aid for your psychological fitness is neither a sign of being crazy nor being frail despite what society has to say about it. Look at it in this way, if you have unbearable pain in your feet and upon visiting an orthopedic doctor, you get to know that you have a hairline fracture that requires immediate attention then why don’t you feel the same when it comes to the pain of your mind. Why visiting a psychiatrist is a stigma in the society? 

Despite our better judgment, we let others and their opinions decide for us how we should truly feel and react.

World Mental Health Day

Mental health’s importance can not be justified by mere words. It is as essential as oxygen for our survival. Waiting for things to go bad and then seeking help is not the answer. It will never be. The necessity of taking care of our mental health should and must come above all. It can be as easy and natural as breathing and creating an environment amongst ourselves where mental health matters can be talked about openly can create an opportunity and fill the void for those around us. 

Best Rehab Centers with luxury amenities are available in the society to feel you like your own home and get in touch with the family and the regular counselling and therapy sessions can do miracles for a patient. The mental illness may result in huge disasters later on, so it needs to be cured timely. 

If a child is experiencing any trauma in the childhood, it may result in any substance use disorder later on in the younger ages of career. We cannot treat mental illness at home in any condition. It needs professional counselling and expert help to cope up the situation. 


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