How Smart Drinking Helps in Alcohol De-Addiction?

How Smart Drinking Helps in Alcohol De-Addiction

Alcoholism is a BIO, PSYCHO, SOCIAL disease that starts in the body, affects the mind, and destroys life. It is chronic, progressive, and fatal, if not treated. The treatment requires time and patience but has very high results.

A city-based neuro-psychiatrist, Dr. JPS Bhatia, has launched a smart-drinking concept with a rehab centre in Amritsar which aims to help people beat alcoholism by adopting a non-confrontational approach. The approach involves recognizing alcoholics as patients and helping them or their families to get support. It’s all about imparting life skills in such a way that the patient does not feel like they’re being singled out for exhibiting behavior that is weak and infinite respecting his ego and grandiosity.

What is Smart Drinking?

In the journey towards alcohol addiction recovery, the support of skilled professionals can make all the difference. The best psychologists are not just experts in their field but also compassionate individuals who understand the complexities of alcohol addiction.

Through their guidance, individuals struggling with alcoholism can explore the psychological factors that contribute to their addiction, helping them comprehend the root causes and triggers. Smart drinking, an approach emphasizing moderation and mindfulness, aligns perfectly with the principles these psychologists advocate. By promoting self-awareness and responsible consumption, smart drinking becomes a crucial tool in the process of alcohol deaddiction.

These dedicated psychologists empower their clients with practical strategies, encouraging them to make informed choices and regain control over their lives. Their expertise, combined with the concept of smart drinking, forms a powerful combination that fosters lasting recovery and paves the way towards a healthier, alcohol-free lifestyle.

Drinking, like dining or any other social activity, has a set of basic guidelines to ensure that everyone has a good time. Consuming half of a chocolate cake at a gathering would not be considered wise or even courteous. The same goes for drinking. Basically, this means choosing a pattern that suits your lifestyle, health, relations, work, and mental health.

Drinking smart obviously is a learned phenomenon and requires certain guidelines and techniques. We at The Hermitage Rehab Centre – Top Rated Luxury Rehab in India, through our experience, have evolved skills to help identify the drinking pattern and correct it as an antidote to addiction which can lead a person into non-harmful and non-hazardous drinking. A pattern that can be sustained by fine-tuning your recovery strategy. After all, it is about transformation in the patterns for long-term empowerment.

The basics of this lie in our belief system, which needs to use SKILL POWER.

Get Help With Smart Drinking Concept at The Hermitage Rehab

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Dr. Bhatia claims that this concept is being done for the very first time in India. And he believes that they have a 4 percent success rate so far. As we all know, there are regular PSAs on TV and in other public venues inviting people to come to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and even ask their family doctor if they can attend a treatment clinic. But, who has the money to go through this rigmarole?

The Smart Drinking project makes attending one of these group sessions worry-free because it’s now easier than ever for someone like you to attend these types of programs thanks to readily available technology face to face. And you won’t need any additional resources from anyone else either! We provide alcohol addiction therapy in Amritsar and Punjab.

Let’s not hesitate!!

Step forward… seek help online and rectify your drinking patterns.


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