Can Counseling Help Me?

Mental Health Counseling

The importance of counseling has risen without a doubt through the passing years and yet it seems that preconceived notions and stigma regarding seeking help from mental health professionals stop you from taking the much-required aid. To understand if counseling can help you, you first need to acquaint yourself with what is counseling.

Counseling: What does it mean?

Counseling or Psychotherapy is generally considered a talk therapy that provides the client with a safe, secure, and non-judgmental environment to talk about any difficulties, unmanageable thoughts, feelings, or everyday problems. 

A counselor is not there to make you sit and know what needs to be done, but rather to lend an empathetic ear to listen to you and to guide you to dig down and uncover any root causes for your ailments or negative belief systems hindering your growth. 

Therefore, the term can mean different things to different people, but typically, it is a procedure that people seek when they want to bring about a change in their lives, or simply explore their thoughts and feelings in more profundity.

With what difficulties can counseling help?

Counseling can be beneficial for anyone who wishes to explore the way they are thinking or feeling, or for someone who wants directly to solve some trouble. All in all, it is a wide-ranging tool that provides aid to people to deal with ordinary issues and severe mental health complexities.

Counseling for Psychosis

Some of these major concerns that can be addressed are;

  • Addiction or substance use
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Strains of any physical illness
  • After effects of Bullying
  • The trauma of any kind
  • Marital conflicts or issues in relationships
  • Psychological issues
  • Stress-related troubles
  • Anxiety and low self-esteem

And much more. 

Will it benefit you?

Counseling is based on empirical research and pieces of evidence and through the years has made advancements that were earlier not thought possible. It is not just talking and your family members cannot be your counselors. As suggested, counseling is a science that needs proper training and practice for counselors to become qualified and deal with humans who are so vulnerable.  

The way counseling/therapy is perceived depends on the viewer. It is not a quick fix but counseling will help you understand your emotions deeply making it easier for you to acknowledge where the problem lies and will also provide you with the ability to see the world and people in a clearer picture. 

In a majority of cases, a single session does not help. It is worth remembering that counseling is a journey and it takes both time and patience for it to work effectively and show its wonders. 

In the end, it is to be noted that the counseling process is established on a trusted relationship between you and your counselor, the more faith you have in the process, the more effort you put in and are open to accepting change, it can help you resolve your issues undeniably. 


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