Understanding Capacity

Understanding Capacity

As an addict in recovery, I learnt that respect is an essential part of my feelings. Respect from others as well as myself. We all reach the hospital after acts that seem impossible for us to perform. “I would never do that” we say, and we do just that. However, after understanding the disease model, we understand that we are just like any other object which has a nature. Like a fish has a nature to swim and if you pull it out of the water, it will not be able to breathe and die: This is Capacity.

As we grow, from child to adult, we grow in our capacity in understanding and dealing with the world. Some have a better capacity, some don’t. Some manage life in a cool way and others face obstacles just because their capacity is low.

According to our capacity, our opinions are formed. And we have to understand that each opinion has a space. It doesn’t have to be the most or least wise opinion, but each human has got the right to express it because it’s only after he expresses it that we can help him correct himself.

In this, there is a proper way to converse. We have to deal with them with the utmost respect. We cannot get angry at them for their opinion as that is their capacity. They do not have it in them to have a better understanding. Thus, our talk has to be understandable by them at their capacity. We should not try to pull them up to ours, but let them grow on their own. This is because they are already doing their best. They can’t do any better!

However, If we still pull them, it is because either we have no respect for them or we have our own toxic shame due to which we get happy in making them look wrong.

Our patients have a capacity around an animal level. They are like fish swimming in substance. We are at a higher level at least, thus it is our duty to be patient. We should not have strict belief systems. We should be flexible to allow their growth. We shouldn’t just cut the flower if it hasn’t bloomed fully. Recovery will help!

How to treat Addiction? 

Dr. JPS Bhatia is a well versed psychiatrist having great experience and exposure to addicts. Recovering addicts to sobriety is his main aim of life. He states that mental health plays an important role in the de addiction process. So during the treatment, there are several deaddiction therapies like CBT which helps the patients to improve their mental health and then they will be able to stop the toxic substances. If anyone nearby you needs help for addiction, treatment is always available at the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Amritsar

Dr. JPS Bhatia states the concepts  and reasons behind addiction. How the patients get into addiction and how they can be resolved. To get motivated, subscribe the Youtube Channel : The Hermitage Rehab. Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists go live and answers to patients queries online. Stay tuned to motivate yourself for recovery.


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