The Superpower that is Self-Talk

Positive Talk

There is an “inner voice” in all of us. Much of our lives we have lived with it. It has influenced us as much as we and our lifestyle has influenced it. We are now in a stage where we require medicine to be able to work on our inner voice. Originally, due to neuroplasticity, inner voice strengthens or weakens connections and creation of hormones as the neural path is used. The more a path is used the stronger it becomes. Thus, right now we have already learnt to deal with our stressors in a negative way. 

Our inner voice wants us to control others, to control situations, to avoid, to escape. The family gets stuck in a loop of negative pathways. Now this family comes for treatment, the tornado of negative pathways is so powerful that the little positive pathways created by the doctors and therapists fail to remain intact. It is not surprising that it is so difficult for a family to accept a pathway that seems like a string compared to their huge rope. The family dangles in mid air dependent on this rope for dear life. This is denial. And graceful surrender and acceptance is to leave the negative pathway and catch onto the positive one. That is when the journey from disease to recovery begins. One wonders now, what are relapses?

RelapseRelapses are incidents when the patient is very scared of holding onto the rope, maybe the rope has turned into hot iron and for support he goes back to his old negative pathway. However, he ultimately comes back. In the case that it doesn’t happen, sadly, the only reason is that his family couldn’t hold onto the positive and thin, but now a bit thicker, pathway. Every family member goes through pain as relapses come near but with strong action and tough love, the relapse doesn’t happen. And during the time when one is far from relapse, one needs to constantly walk on the neural pathway that is for recovery.

Self-Talk is a tool that we can either use for our destruction or for our construction. When we exercise, our body tells us it’s tired halfway, but it’s positive self-talk that says that we should not stop. Negative self talk would probably do the opposite and more and we would end up with a caffeinated energy drink. Each time we look in the mirror, the self talk has to be balanced enough to see the flaws but also accept that there have been reasons for the flaws and that we are working on them. 

Self talk

When we are craving a substance, we can tell ourselves to distract ourselves with something else, talk to a fellow, talk to a doctor, use the 4 step formula. It’s actually such a simple formula for creating happy hormones and having a fulfilled life. This is what creates romance with recovery.

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