Rare to Recover from 4% of 4%

rare to recovery

There are in numbers, the percentages, of people who recover and achieve a healthy recovery. Let me list them and we shall discuss what this disease is.

Out of all the people who develop this illness, 80% die without treatment. This happens because no one cares enough to think that it is happening in spite of the control of the ill person. They are allowed to die without getting even a chance.

16% are those who have family and friends who at least try to help the addicts. But they never reach recovery.

The remaining 4% are serious for help. These people go far to help the addict, but because they don’t understand the nature of this disease. This disease is somato-psychic, and not psycho-somatic ; that means that its a physical illness which has psychological symptoms and not a psychological or mental disease that has physical symptoms. Just because of this little detail, only 4% of those 4% who want to give serious help reach healthy recovery. Others fail to understand the somato-psychic disease. 

It’s Rare to Recover from this Illness. This illness resists treatment. Thus, How to be in the last 4% of the 4%, we need to accept the bottom and surrender. This illness is fatal if untreated. It’s a dystopian disease..like humans turning into zombies.

As Punjab has been one of the top most locations for drug addicts in the past few years, but this is also to consider that we have the appropriate recovery solutions also available. One can avail the treatment from rehab centers. In reality, it is a mental illness that brings stress and depression to the person and leads to addiction.

There is another option that is beyond this addiction that can be done by mental health experts only. One must go for the best rehabilitation center for treatment and get back to life again. The Hermitage Rehab is the best nasha mukti kendra in Amritsar that can meet all your requirements to get your loved one back from drug abuse. 


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