Can you quit drugs without rehab?

Can you quit drugs without rehab?

Research on drug abuse and its consequences on health reflects that drug addiction is a condition of the brain and it is impossible to quit drugs without proper treatment of the brain.
Drugs impact the important parts of the brain like the amygdala, prefrontal cortex, hypothalamus, etc. by reducing their performance and causing alterations in the nature, behavior,, and thinking of the addict.

The following changes are caused:

Changes In thinking patterns:

The thinking of an addict revolves around drugs and only drugs. All they can think about is to take them or quit them or a whole lot of thoughts related to drugs only. They are unable to differentiate between what’s good or bad for them or what would be beneficial or harmful and continue to consume drugs even after the harmful repercussions.


Changes in Personality:

The addict, all the time, feels sad, lonely, angry, suspicious, irritable, jealous, frustrated, and thinks negatively, having deteriorated performance. He doesn’t pay attention to keeping himself clean as he avoids taking bath or getting ready.


Changes in behavior:

Lying and false promises, consuming drugs even after regretting it every time, causing self-harm or harm to others or warning them about it, having a feeling of hostility, hurting others, or planning about it becomes a common part of the behavior of the addict.

So why is it impossible to quit drugs without proper Brain treatment?

Drug abuse is impossible to quit without the treatment of the Brain because it is not a physical illness rather an illness of the brain. During the physical treatment, the focus is only to detoxify the body physically irrespective of the time frame, it could be of a few hours or a few days however this does not treat the illness in the brain. The illness stays there as it is, leading to the above-mentioned changes to remain. The Addict continues to feel lazy and demotivated, his sex drive reduces and all this leads to frustration leading him into drugs again. If proper psychological treatment is provided, then it is easier to quit drugs.  

Best treatment of brain

Treatment of the Brain- “Brain Energy Stimulant Treatment” is the most successful and new way of treating addiction on the level of the brain.

First, of all, some tests are conducted to examine the effect of drugs on the brain and the body of the addict. On the basis of these reports, further treatment is done. The first stage of treatment compromises detoxifying the body of the addict within 6-12 hours.

In the second stage, the parts of the brain that are affected are then treated. Owing to the treatment of the brain, the addict is able to quit drugs and feels physically, sexually, and mentally active and healthy. 

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