Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation

We are in a constant flow of emotion and emotion is in constant flow. Thoughts bring emotions, and then they bring more thoughts and they in turn bring emotions. Living is an experience of the flux of emotion.

What Does Emotional Regulation Means?

Emotional Regulation, as the name suggests, is the consistent flow of emotion when it is balanced and managed. This, perhaps, is one of the top three things to understand when dealing with addiction and mental illness.

First, an example:

Say you had a fight with your boss. It produced anger in you. If you can regulate your emotions, by the time you reach home, the feeling of anger would have subsided. And then at night time you would be ready to go to bed with an empty mind.

However, if you cannot, you would even be feeling more anger and now that anger will spill everywhere. You might try to control it by using drugs or some other micro addiction. you might keep on ruminating for hours. It might send you on a spiral of toxic shame and guilt.

This is how unregulated emotions harm us. and this is why we need to have functional emotional regulatory systems.

Working on Emotional Well Being at The Hermitage Rehab

Emotional Well Being is as necessary as mental health to be. If you are suffering from any emotional trauma, then consult the best Psychiatrists who will guide you the best. You will get clarity about your emotional health and they will assist you with the best medication and therapies to recover from any kind of stress, anxiety or depression.

The Hermitage Rehab is serving the society with the best de addiction services. Anyone close to you or nearby need help in case of addiction, get in touch with the top rated Nasha Mukti Kendra in Amritsar.

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