Disease of Depression VS Stage of Depression

Depression Disease VS Stage

Maybe we should start with the similarity, which is, the depression itself. Depression in both of these concepts is not the same, and nor does it form because of the same reason.

Stage of Depression Vs Disease of Depression

In the stage of depression, depression is more about the present and the future: we are overthinking about our life as if it is meaningless, that it is a burden, that you have wasted all of it.

Disease of DepressionIn the disease of depression, the issue is about the past and future..rumination about the past forms depression, and thinking about future forms anxiety, when these two are combined, the disease is formed. This disease is fatal if untreated. This is a physical illness that becomes psychological. Because of the physical illness, the psychology of the patient changes, his belief systems change, he cannot connect to the world.

Stages of DepressionThe stage of depression occurs in the process of grief. It is more about what we have lost rather than anxiety of the future or depression of the past. It is also a psychological illness, not a physical one.

We don’t need to use physical methods for the stage of depression but the disease of depression needs to be cured by dealing with the physical disease as well as with the psychological disease. When the body is ill, the chemicals formed are not distributed properly; This causes psychosomatic issues which people think are physical. The way these chemicals are expelled from our bodies, becomes our disease.

So, what’s the solution?

It is Emotional Regulation. To be able to express emotions and not repress them stops the expulsion of chemicals as psychosomatic issues. And the stage of depression needs to be passed through with patience. It is an important phase and it is not a disease.

Hope this answered some questions you had.

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