Why Choose Us

The journey from substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD) to a healthy and sober life is not a cakewalk. The progress carries through different phases; intake, detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare plan. 

We, in Hermitage, do a comprehensive evaluation and assessment to create an individualized treatment plan. The defining feature of our treatment modality is the integrative treatment approach that we adopt, based on a blend of the latest scientific and long-standing research-based techniques.


The inception behind the Hermitage is the extensive structured treatment plan for its clients that inculcates a holistic approach in a safe and comfortable environment where the confidentiality of the client is our dignity.


Situated on four acres of lush green surroundings the Hermitage Rehab is an exclusive individualized, residential luxury Rehab promoting personal autonomy while maintaining respect. We offer personalized treatment programs for drug addiction and a number of psychiatric disorders.


Hermitage has a blend of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and psychosocial interventions. We have a team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Counseling Psychologists, and medical assistants with 24*7 nursing staff who address their pharmacological, physical, psychological, and social needs. 

All these professionals hold striking credentials and are well-trained so that the client receives the best possible care. 

We offer a structured program that fosters a strong sense of recovery by giving a clear and concise understanding of what we are, followed by a sincere desire to become what we can be.


Diagnostic assessments and therapies like CBT, DBT, REBT, MET, Contingency Management, 12 step facilitation effectively help the clients in maintaining the goals of recovery. 

The eclectic approach towards therapy that we employ takes into consideration the individual needs along with the varying nature of their problem. The principle is that a one-dimensional approach may not work for every client. For this reason, we work in close association with clients and their families to meet the therapeutic requirements. Here, the clients are allowed to be heard, understood, feel, validated, and empowered.

Core counseling skills in our supportive counseling clients can talk about their lives, issues, or conflicts they are experiencing. 

Psychotherapy relies on the therapeutic alliance to alleviate symptoms, improve self-esteem, restore relation to reality, regulate impulses, and negative thinking and reinforce the ability to cope with life stressors and challenges.


We help the clients to understand their beliefs, thinking errors, and triggers for their inner healing.

  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques are used to help them to deal with their stress and anxiety. 
  • Different art and craft therapies are used to improve their cognitive, conative, and affect.
  • Psychodrama therapy helps them to relate to their real-life situations. It is a deep action method in which clients enact scenes from their lives, dreams, or fantasies to express, unexpressed feelings and gain new insights.
  • Dance and music therapy is an integral part of our program.
  • A projector is used to project videos, slides, and images during group sessions to engage clients in a more agile way.
  • Psychoeducation of families is crucial in the recovery of our clients. We hold individualized group sessions and zoom meetings for families that helps them in identifying their enabling behaviors, resentments, and co-dependency.
  • The gym training under an authorized trainer and nutritional program help the clients to get on their weight and right dietary track.


Learning more about the self and the disease gives our client an optimum base for lasting recovery and while this helps but in the long run, we provide customized aftercare plans centered on the needs of every client. Through this, the client not only stays connected to the treatment program but also maintains active fellowship making him a valuable part of the support group for other clients undergoing similar afflictions. 

Here, at the Hermitage Rehabilitation Centre, every client is unique and so are his needs. Therefore, our team of specialists works around the clock to provide the best care and treatment and follow a comprehensive approach for better results.