Issue and Non-Issue

Mental Illness

Our lives are full of events. They start as soon as we wake up. Children begin to prepare for school. Working men and women start getting ready for their jobs; they also have children for whom they have to make food.

Then there are the few who wake up late, missing, i should say some important events like timely breakfast and shower. This little procrastination changes the whole dynamic of our life and we don’t even understand.

We think that events at school or events at work are those which are actually important. Or they think the news is important or where science has reached. Yes, these are important, but what is the primary issue in life?

You Guessed it Right: Health.

Now, if our leg breaks or we get chicken pox, we would take time off school, jobs etc so they can get better and not be a burden on other people.

It is the same with mental health. If we are mentally ill, we need to make our issue primary. If we don’t make it the most important part of our lives, we will never heal.

Issue is the disease, non issue is anything that pulls you away from the disease.

So, focus on disease.

Treatment of Mental Disorders and Addiction

Finding solutions to treat with addiction and mental disorders  at best rehab centers. In mental health treatment, the best guidance is mandatory to cope up with the difficult times the person is facing.

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