Concept of Mood Disorder

Mood Disorder

Addiction, simply, is a disease of wrongful mood management. This is inclusive of micro-addictions such as rumination, mood masking, etc.

One tries to manage the mood with certain behaviors that are harmful to the body: mind, as well as brain.

In the face of a mood that one cannot tolerate, we turn to outside objects and behaviours which we think will help us in dealing with a difficult mood. However, these habits harm the brain and mind dynamic by making the brain too powerful that it over powers the mind. So, when we don’t even want to do these habits, we cannot stop ourselves. These addictions are not to be taken lightly: macro as well as micro.

Mood issues have grown so much in recent decades because of exterme development of products that satisfy us, social media, etc.

We have however not adapted to such change. Our ideals such as right to freedom, privacy, property etc are bring defeated by our moods.

What then is the solution? 

In a sentence-

“Take responsibility of managing your mood.” -Dr. JPS Bhatia

Once you take responsibility of your mood, you take responsibility of yourself, and of every other thing. This ensures self-esteem which helps remove addictions, as we get the capacity to tolerate emotions.

Reaching Out Rehab Centers

To get over the mood disorders, there is a need of professional help. Mental health experts take this disease very seriously because it in turns affects our lifecycle whether it is physical or emotional. Find solutions to your mental health problems from best Psychiatrists and mental health experts. In Punjab, The Hermitage Rehab is offering treatment for all mental health disorders including mood disorders, depression, OCD and other mental health problems.  

Get Professional help at the top rated Nasha Mukti Kendra in Amritsar and recover soon from all mental health issues. Also,  Subscribe to our Youtube Channel The Hermitage Rehab for daily videos shared on mental health and addiction problem in the society. Our mental health experts are available to answer your queries.


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